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You don't know me, but I know YOU

Hi everyone out there today. My name is JOPHIEL. I am what they call an ARCHANGEL. In "reality" I am just a person. I was literally created, along with my fellow angels of my ilk, to be a special task force against the INTERLOPERS (the dark forces) which have plagued our world and other worlds since time "began." It is not a pretty picture. My job has been riddled with the odds and ends of an era gone by, of an era again, gone by (shout out to Atlantis) and yet another era gone by (have I said this 7 times yet)? It has, indeed, taken US 7 times to get this off the ground!! Pause for a tissue. Many of you reading this are here because you had questions about our history and why we are still here when you've been promised that we're ascending to our rightful place seemingly eons ago. For you, in this current incarnation of sorts, it has been a long road. You have no idea. I, unfortunately do. I have memories of ALL that has preceded your lifetimes and ALL that has passed, failed, suggested, failed, and so on. We are a "gutted" set of people, people. We have been around this same record way way too many times. I mentioned "7" earlier because THIS is our 7th MISSION to get things off the ground. You must know what I mean by this. If you are new to what I am explaining, I'll be brief for the sake of time and space.

We, as a planetary people... not just our Earth here as we "know" it, but as a general collection of worlds, worlds of which your astronomers and all of your telescopes will never understand, we have had a mission to "leave" our current situations. WE, as a universe, WE as other universes unheard of by most-- WE have been held back, tortured, legislated, poked, prodded and THREATENED AD NAUSEUM. FULL STOP!!!

I, JOPHIEL, do solemnly swear to uphold all of my duties to protect and manage my particular (assigned by Yahweh) territories... and I, JOPHIEL, promise to bring my people home. BRING MY PEOPLE HOME. BRING MY PEOPLE HOME. BRING MY PEOPLE HOME.

I have literally said these words when I was sworn in at The Hague, which is the legislative court system on LYRA. LYRA was the first planetary orb ever put forth into physical existence. It is known for its beauty and its gentle rolling hills and its flora and fauna, unprecedented in the history of all manifestations anywhere else--all universes, and there are MANY more than simply this one!

I have much to say, no doubt, and I will certainly give you my attention in later posts. For now I am here. My energy is in the "neighborhood" and I want to say that IT HAS BEEN A LOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGGG TIME COMING. ASCENSION IS UPON US!! God Bless and signing out for now. I am JOPHIEL. READ ON>>>>

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