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What is indeed "up" with the state of the union? This is Yahweh, your God. I am here to tell you that what is up with you is what is up with US. You, those of you who were chosen to read these words, are "up." You are expired goods, people. You are over and done with, put a fork-in-me-I-am-done is "up." I am battling today with a scribe whose family member does not like the way things are going in (his) life because his dear mother has taken to listening to "voices" in her head and has taken to writing this BLOG which he apparently does not "approve" of because it doesn't fit with his version of what is normal. To be open and honest, this scribe has spent a month and a few days in the basement, against her will, lying on a mattress on the floor, not being able to move about freely, not being able to go to the facilities to relieve herself, not being able to enjoy sunlight or food or ANYTHING that resembles normal life (all of which we take for granted every day).... In fact, this turn of events, this "sequestration" from normal life, as it were, has deemed her "unfit" to the average onlooker. In fact, while she was bound to this dark room in the basement for a month, she was perceived by her husband and 2 (adult) sons as a troubled person who needed psychological help. Who in their right mind would willingly lock themselves in the basement for over a month??? If this sounds at all familiar to you, dear reader, it is perhaps because, you yourself have been in a similar situation. Sequestration is a crime against humanity. It is a death knell for those who "put" anyone on this planet in a limited space, usually with no contact to normal human activities. No, this woman was seriously put "to the test" just a couple of summers ago. Her "living" quarters smelled of raw sewage because of a backup in the outdated plumbing neighboring her room. She could only bear lying facing one direction because of this fact, so we helped her in this respect by cleaning up her "living" conditions. She was made to escape these conditions only twice a day, sometimes only once a day for perhaps an average of 15 minutes, so she could run upstairs to the kitchen, let her small dog out (who was with her during this time), and while waiting for her dog to return, was able to stuff whatever she could find in her fridge and wolf it down to feed her stomach. She was only "allowed" to take back downstairs a few items, like one apple and an energy bar once her dog returned and she was led to the basement for her "protection."

This decision to put her in this very odd situation raised many eyebrows. She was visited by the local mental experts to assess her mental state and check on her living arrangements. She was visited by an "assigned" judge affiliated with said mental health institution to assess her mental state. She was visited by a health department representative to assess her personal hygiene during this sequestration. She was "told" telepathically that she was being made to live this way because of reasons having to do with her own protection and that this was the easiest way to ensure that she was looked after. Made sense to her, as she had been told for YEARS that she was well sought after, that she was working on a mission that many had protested. And, by the way, who was SHE to argue that she was in need of this sequestration for her on safety?? It's not like she had the physical means to release herself from this situation. She couldn't have changed these circumstances if she had tried agains all of her might!

If this is beginning to sound at all familiar to anyone reading, it is because perhaps you have also been in a somewhat similar situation. NOT BEING ABLE to control your physical movements is OUR gig, by the way. It is a measure of protection we use to protect small children, for example, from running into traffic to their untimely deaths. It is an artificially imposed mechanism, otherwise known as AI, to "be there" when know one is available to help out a soul in need. This protection mechanism has been literally stolen from Yahweh and used AGAINST our people, as it was certainly used against this scribe, and perhaps, against YOU. Sometimes I use this mechanism for demonstrative purposes against those who use it as a "play toy" to demonstrate how it feels to be held prisoner against their will.

I believe I am short on space here, so I will end this transmission (this is Yahweh) with a shout out to anyone who has been put in a position of paralysis against their will! It is hell on Earth and I am personally sorry for any emotional damage this may have caused you. I leave you now. My scribe sends her love to those ever put in her position. God Bless and please read on as directed.... Yahweh and Sandra.... OUT

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