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Why? What? Who? And, why not.... "Where" ... we'll put you in there too! Time Is Up for LIFE AS YOU KNOW ON THIS PLANET!! Like the R.E.M song, guys, like the song. Do you know how many people are in the "know" that life on the planet as they know it has been on the "up" schedule for many many years? It's not just the "New Age" crowd selling fairy dust on the corner, you guys. It's people like you, yourselves. Maybe it's something you read once-- a book or an article, maybe you involved yourselves in a "forums" interface online??

Well, bottom line is this: you, as a planetary species, are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. A journey like no other. Lots of ins and outs to get us to this point, you all....LOTS of hard work from LOTS of good people. People who have done well and done not so well. TRUE COLORS were shown throughout this mission of all missions! I mean lots of shit has gone aflyin' during this whole ordeal. Rome wasn't built in a day and 6 in one and half a dozen in the other..... you know what I mean, peeps! Long, long, long,long story, indeed!!! The human language cannot embrace or express the ups and downs, and ins and outs of this oh-so-suckeeee trepidatious journey of all MOFO journeys!!! Full stop and ALL!

Ok? NuF SaiD alreadY?? You get my stink on this??? It is like me asking you how your life's been up until this point, and by the way, please start at the day you were born and work up from there, one day at a time and don't leave out any details, ok? And so it is, and so IT WENT. Many a lightworker could tell you first-hand. "Lightworkers" are the ones here on the ground doing missions in secret while the rest of Y'ALL sit on the couch and watch reruns of "Happy Days" with the Fonz and Richie and Chachie and leave it to the Beave to figure everything out. Don't worry guys, the Beave has it all covered. You just go back to sleep while I do what these numnuts are asking of me. Sure I'll fly a kite on a stormy night naked and ask no questions while the rest of my family sleeps snug in their beds oblivious to whatever it is is being asked of their dear ole mom here. It's a secret battle, as they say. We forage on and lead secret lives, riding two proverbial horses, while the rest of the world checks their nasdaq stocks and laughs aloud at lunch with their work colleagues. "You guys have no idea the shit that is being asked of my on a daily basis."

So, if you're reading these words and you have a deja vu moment here, rest assured it's because it's you I'm thanking. It's you I SEE, and it's YOU I BLESS. You know who you are! You know you've been through hell and back, thrown on your apron, then whipped up some masterpiece for dinner. "How was your day, honey????"" And all that jazz....

No one SEES you guys, not your kids, not your spouse, not your dog, not your friends.... because you have a secret life, full of weird shit no one would EVER understand. Once again, this one scribing' this shiz has been to psyche wards more than a few times, picked up by the police, thrown in an ambulance (it's the way things work in Germany people-- protocol) and so one. She's been told she is "sick" because she hears voices in her head and blah blah di blah!!!! I gotcha! At least your "safe" here, at least you're getting a good warm meal at midday, my love :-)

And so it goes, and goes and goes..... until it doesn't. SO the worst is over, you're saying???? Why YES!! Haven't you been listing superwoman and superman but more likely the former :-) It is OVER!! Read My Lips! Over. NO NEW TAXES PEOPLE!!! YAHWEH OUT!! READ ON

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