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Still liking it or sucking it up pt. 3

Do you know what it is to have to suck up to the man? You say you wanna stick it to the man, instead? Do you know what that'll cost you in Pleiadian dollars? Nothing, we don't roll like that. But do you know what it'll cost you in Metamorphosis dollars? Lots. I mean LOTS! What are "metamorphosis dollars" and is there a nickname for that, please? We know, it's a mouthful. We will refer to them from here on in as shithead dollars, is that more pleasing to your ear, does it roll of the tongue more easily?? Good, but since this is a family show (but not really), it's a PG13 show at best, we will call them Mashuna bucks. In other posts on this BLOG we have talked about who this pied piper of sorts is, what his game is, and why he has so much clout. Remember the word LEVERAGE, folks. It's a doozy. Imagine a kidnapping/ransom scenario and , bingo, you've got it. No lie, we are not in the business of lying, no no no. Not even possible, I'm afraid. We hold ourselves to utmost standards. FULL STOP. Others, I'm afraid, do not. FULL STOP!!

There's so much I could say.... SO much to say folks. None of it good I'm afraid. There are some of us here that KNOW they're living in a world that sucks, the jaded loners we talked about earlier in some other post somewhere, forgot the catchy title. Bottom line is this: It's basically over, this business we've been running here called.... what was it again?

Oh yea, LIFE. Life as you know it sucks, but you may be pretending not to notice since you have blinders on. If you do not fit this bill, then we're obviously talking to some other loser, pal. What does it take to get the point across without giving you night sweats, people! Does it take a mountain? Well, ain't no mountain high enough to get my point across with out PTSDing your asses, my good fellos and fellas :-). I know, I'm cute with my words. But believe me, if I weren't so light and brevity-ridden, I would be crying a pile of tears higher than the mountain of poop that this turd MASHUNA has lain out our feet, pure and simple. Here's a pile of shit, figure it out. Here's another pile of shit, now figure "that" out. Some of you know exactly what I mean down there 'cuz you have heard of this turd and you step in his messes lain before YOUR feet just about every day. No one understands you because your problems and "issues" are hidden from the status-quo thinkers. Not their fault, mind you. It's a "hidden war" of sorts. Those of you who have heard this term have lived this life, this hidden life of suffering, a life that no family member and no judge assessing your mental health would ever "get." It's just not meant to be "gotten" this time around. Better luck next time lightworkers. Thank you for your help, you can go now :-). Because it IS these lightworkers, usually our Pleiadian ground crew, that get the short end of the stick. Blah blah blah, you stupid lightworkers. You know who we are. We talk all the time now. I talk to your therapists, too now, so don't worry--- I have your backs, my dear ones. I do mean that, my scribe.... and others who have been deemed mentally unfit. Get a life, mental health experts! Get a life already! (just kidding, of course.. I love you all) . YOU are all LOVED, by the way. Not just my boots-on -the-ground people, and you do know who you are by now. Cat's out of the bag on that one. Many of you have wondered what the hell you signed up for, right? It has not been an easy road for you people, especially. So, if you're a ground crew member reading this right now, YASHUA would like to say this:

GOD BLESS YOU, GOD LOVE YOU, YOUR HARDSHIPS DO NOT GO UNNOTICED OR UNREWARDED!!! I will have a word with you later. Lots of broken bones, lots of broken hearts, if you get my drift you ONES! God Bless You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There, THAT should do it. God loves exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, that should explain everything I came here to explain about everything, you guys. Bye

ME OUT! READ ON, good lads and lasses

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