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SPOTIFY your way to beauty

Ok, anyone who knows me knows a few things.... at least, right???

Numero Uno, I like to plug our Scheisse. I like to send you to Mickee Dees right now if it's that time and it fits with your schedule. Could you make time for me today, too p le as e?

I am going to tell you something that you MAY or may NOT already know about a thing or two... even three or four, if you're well behaved and don't mind grammar mistakes. If im spelling correctly at all this morning it's only because spellcheck on this beast is making me!!!! I am tickled purple today because I am here to deliver to you some great news! I am leaving your sorry asses behind in the dust of all dust storms today. I just found out, while my scribe here was taking her Kit Kat break TM, that I can say whatever I want and don't have to stick with my original script!!!!!!!!!! THANKS BOSS! eye roll here please....

My script , so I thought, was to plug all my faves, but I think you all know.... don't have to read THAT shizola here! You can hear that muck any time .... So ..... it pleases.... ME.... to tell YOU...... that playlist on Spotify TM or not! Is your bestie of late. This one writing love love LOVES IT! I told her son who had it already to make his account into a "family dealer type thing" and THAT he DID! Now the whole fam can enjoy it and everyone has their own account!! COOL BEANS RIGHT? RIGht! r I g h t ! ! ! It is the cat's meow. it's the Facebook of music land! FB used to be our brain child too.... but no sir eeeee I am not pluggin' that bovine caca! Reason' b e I n g It has become a playground for all kinds of YAHOOOOOOS wanting to push there icky jshitg;3322222222j123456789 if you "know what I mean wink wink wink!" Numbers people it is all about the numbers--code for heroine, prostitution, child slavery... get my drift??? many light workers here know what the deal is. Stay AWAY kids from selling your shit on FB! If you put down the "wrong" price you might have a drug pusher at your door thinking he's getting something other than your old game boy. OMG!!! and once again O M G !!!!!!!!

Nuf said here.... same old scheisse (we're in Germany today guys) and Prost (that's cheers guys) and Machts' guT and stuff ... and so weiter...... love ya, you stink,,,,,,now leave me to my bier. I am not amused! :-( YASHUA out!!!! READ oN

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