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Ok now. What do still want outta life, my fine lady...

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

That is a loaded question , please hang with me and I'll try to give it my best effort. I am God, after all.

So you say you are a capable woman, young enough to still have a heartbeat, old enough to know you're not as happy as you "should" be??

Well, here's a little advice just off the top of my head....TAKE A NUMBER!!!! Next patient please! (eyeroll emoji please). Grammar button off please, this interferes with my rythm rithum rithem there, that's better rithem that's the way it sould be spelled. spellchk go away i'm not inviting you in this diskussion you'r a man and you're not welkom here.

Now, ladies please gather round.... this is your captain of all trades. I have come here today to talk to you girlfriend to girlfriend about your predicament in life I hear y'all I hear ya! You say that you are not happpy because why??? You say you do not feel equal to your male counterparts? You do not feel your efforts are acknowledged or even compensated for, while everyone hails the "KING" Well, what about the litlle lady of the house. The term little lady should be taken out and shot! That is what I d=think, and i'm not just kissin up to you gurls. I really mean what I say, honestly. I am as honest as they come. FULL STOP.. I'm free and easy..... and best of all, I come free of charge! NAH, that's ok> You don't have to pay me for my hours of wise advice. Just buy me a beer next time we're out.

Ok, let's make this short, since time is money and you've already made it clear that I'm not gettin a dime for this :-/ hmmmF!!

You, ladies , are in a pickle of sorts. You see, there are many reasons you're feeling this way. And I know you don't like to complain, right? Why if your man did half of what you accomplished in a day, you would be amazed at the things y'all would hear when you got home from work, even before you poured your first beer! I mean, the things you would hear, ladies...!!! Okay, but you say you're sick and tired of picking up his socks off the floor even after you've asked him countless times with nagging that it bothers you ? Do you know what a sock on the floor is saying to you? because socks do in fact have meaning in this case. The sock is saying... no, he's YELLING: F#@!! YOU!!! little wifeee. FU!!! I don't care what you say, I have a right to be here I'm comfortable here and you can't make me leave. I belong tho this other chap over here. He lets me hang out here most days, unless I'm "over there" on the other days!!! So get a real job lady! get a REAL JOB!!! Well, it's me again. I had to change out of my sock costume in the back :-) Let's continue this in another room. It's starting to stink in here from all the other socks!! P...... U......!!!! That's all I got for now, does that sound ok so far? I mean it IS free advice.... Did you get advice or did I just let you be my bestie for a brief momento?? More to come I'm outta space too many commas here crampin my style and all. READ ON.....READ ON>>>>>> YASHUA Ou

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