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No one gets out alive, my good man

It starts like this. Someone does something stupid, then someone else has to pay the price. We call it ransom...

It's how the game of life gets played. Not our rules. Not our rules. If you've read the previous posts on the game of leverage, you will see that this all makes sense. It all sounds just about right. Id does in fact make sense if you stop to think about it. Or scribe here was completely miffed as to why we didn't help her from her suffering at this assholes's hand and that one's foot, and so on. You all, at some point quander and wonder about the why's of it all. How we could let this atrocity happen and so on. You don't need me to explain further. What I came here to say is this: Your world is about to change completely, regarding the rules that make up your every day lives. What I mean by this is not so easy to explain. There are lots of nuances to what I mean. To give you just one example. I, YAWEH, will be "allowed" to talk with you at last! That's good news, right? I think we're already in touch if you're reading these words.

The point of this brief message is to simply let you know that I like you. I think you like me. You look good in those pants but the shirt is a bit too tawny for your complection. I mean it. You really need a makeover. And WHO among you doesn't like a makeover. The ole before and after type deal. If your hairdo makes you look 10 years older or your rouge makes you look like a 2 bit tart, I want you to know that I'm here for you, ok? It's like I'll be your bestie if you want, okay? Okay? OK?????? Ok then. Now that we have THAT out of the way, I want you also to know that starting Monday we're going to have talent show night at the local auditorium, so get your shit together and try to put your best foot forward. Try to determine what your best foot is, ok? I don't want you to make a fool of yourself up there on stage. You'll figure it out. Things are definitely going to change. No more of you losers are going to the funny farm cuz you say you hear voices in your head. Voices in your head from this day forward.... it's just gonna be a good thing, okay. Can you hear me whispering to you? I don't want to scare you off too soon and make you afraid of me. This scribe writing these words is still taking her meds to make it all better. You can stop taking the meds that make voices in your head stop, my good scribe. I still love you even if you go AMA and stick it to the MAN, my dear. No one will put you away again. I promise. Kiss Kiss and good night, my love.

HEY ! What are you all lookin' at!!! I'm having a private discussion here! Please move along. Beat it! Scram you good losers, SCRAM!!!

THIS IS THE END! Love and licks... YASHUA

Now read on! :-)

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