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Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Who is Mustafa, and why is he on my radar at this point in time?

Back up for just a sec. This guy needs a little back drop :-)....

All I know is this... and once again, I have never admitted this fact to anyone ever until now, I promise you. I was not even allowed to even mutter the name "Mustafa or Mashuna" until about 3 months ago !! No f'n LIE!! Did you already read the post I wrote about "leverage?" Leverage is a construct which rules your world, quite literally! This means, for example, that if "I" want to save so and so's life by intervening in his/her state of affairs, I might just have to pay the piper for such a deed. No Lie, people. This, in FACT, is how the race was run. LEVERAGE, pure and simple. God, people would say to me in their darkest moments, "how could you take my one and only child from me? How could a God, who is all knowing and all benevolent allow such an atrocity to happen?? Don't you care? Are you even there???? Hello? Anyone home???"

Yes, I hear your prayer, your concerns, your questions. And I know you question my existence, because you only hear crickets when you pray to me, even in your darkest moments. There ARE, just for documentation purposes, there ARE times when I DO answer you verbally, perhaps you hear my voice when you need guidance and there's no "harm" in talking to you. I DO hear you, my friends. I definitely DO. And once again, we have to bring in the reason you usually (against MY will) do NOT hear from me. The one writing these words you are reading, taking dictation for me and the others, has heard me talking to her. Do you know where she spent her time recently? A local mental institution. That's where SHE landed. "So, Mrs. soandso, you say you hear "voices" in your head, is that right? " Do you know what her respective diagnosis was for that? You guessed it: Schizophrenia. No Lie. Admitting that you hear from your creator lands you in jail. A mental health facility is, in fact, a prison of sorts. You do obtain a rap sheet once your admitted, by the way. Schizophrenia is an anomoly that experts always give to patients who "hear voices." No one asked her, a middlie-aged housewife, what these so-called voices were saying. Maybe they would've learned a thing or two. She was made (mandatorily) to take anti-psychotic medication until these so-called "voices" abated. She was not amused, needless to say. There are many like her, by the way. Many people who get "caught" admitting that they're hearing voices, guidance, and are put away because it doesn't fit in with the standard paradigm of normalcy.

But before I close the book on voices in one's head, I have to give a shout-out to this major INTERLOPER, Mustafa/Mashuna. You see, he was also in this woman's head, telling her things, having friendly chats, making her laugh at times, pretending to be ME or someone like me (her "team" as we call it). There was no discord, nothing of note, to indicate that the microphone went around the room, changing speakers or otherwise. These "wise" deceivers are good at imitation. IMITATION is their trademark TM. It is their go-to game.

Once we lay the groundwork and make contact with the people on Earth that we need to make contact with, that's when Mashuna and Co. typically come in for the sweep. "We'll take it from here, Yashua." That's what is implied, anyway. This scribe has been thrown off her 2nd floor balcony, broken her foot in 9 places and collapsed her spine in the name of "God." Many have served a worse fate. This one writing these words was told that if she didn't do "this or that" from this now-desperate "God," that the mission, this mission of ascension, that is, would be a goner. Things, you see, are "going south," the bad guys are gaining ground. You're the only one listening, the only one who can save it-- the mission-- from failing apart!" This was what she was told. She had to be naked, of course, for safety reasons... in order for "us" to overlay OUR energy onto hers while she carried out these tasks. The story goes on.... And, by the way, if you are reading this and any of this sounds familiar, it's because it IS FAMILIAR! In other words, it is a GO-TO ritual that these A-HOLES use when they are "pretending" to be US and pretending to put someone to task for the good of the mission. There are plenty of people out there who are well aware that there IS a mission worth fighting for, and if we can't make it work this time around we are majorly screwed beyond belief! (and THAT is the very TRUE part!). And so these people's good natures are usurped and exploited and THIS is what makes them vulnerable to anything suggesting they "need" to do this or that in order to help or even save said mission. Pure idiocracy, pure and simple. And I would like to mention here that putting people like this woman and perhaps YOU or someone you know to "task" is not OUR game. It's not how WE do things around here. OUR work gets done behind closed doors, from our ships, actually. THAT IS THE TRUTH. If you were 'made' to fly off your balcony and risk your life AND your reputation, by the way, you have gotten a raw deal, and for THAT, I am so sorry. You still suffer, I know. It was definitely unfair and dangerous and shitty. FULL STOP! But be in the know of this: Nothing you do as a "task" that does not originate from US, gets rewarded. You literally get "points" for your good will, especially if you endanger your body and or mind in doing so. We will talk more on this topic because there are a lot of you out there in the same boat as this woman. Some of you are maybe reading this from your local funny farm :-)? Hopefully the food is at least good. WE will talk later. GOD BLESS. Yashua signing out for now

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