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Movin' to Miami

We are packing our bags and moving to Miami! Miami being code for "Terra." You see, terra in one sense means "soil." In my mind, Terra has a different connotation altogether. Terra is the name of our new Earth. Some of you are more than familiar with this name and this mission. Others are not. Maybe that's why you are here reading this now.

Terra encompasses many things. To make things simple here, and that's what we're aiming for with these messages--simplicity-- suffice it to say that for the first time in history, past or present, we have got the green light to proceed with our goal for creating our dream.

Terra is not a new planet, in that we aren't really moving to 'Miami." Miami is moving to US! We are ascending into a new atmosphere of 4th density (4d). Fourth density is basically the same as our current density of 3, however, instead of being of hard physical matter, we will be more etheric. Once you get into 4d and above you are no longer bound to physicality and 3d eyes can no longer detect you or 4d (or above) objects. So yes, you have everything in the higher d's that you have now-- people, animals, food, buildings, nature, etc. The only difference is that these more energetic expressions are, once again, invisible to 3d eyes. 3d earth is not really "going" anywhere at all, it's just being overlaid with the new one. That is the long and the short of it. Of course, it is much more complicated than that, but for the purposes of this short teaching, let that suffice for now.

Terra will be the gem of the universe. It will be a showcase for all walks of life, and it will be good to know that you reading this will, at some point, be a resident there in some way, shape or form. The environment will be clean and clear ALL of the time. No more overcast, gray skies. No more pollution, no more insert-bad-stuff-here :-).

The flora and fauna will be very much different as well. Everything in this realm, including life on land and in the oceans and other waterways, will be how nature intended it all to be. The original blueprint will at last be able to show itself to you all without interference from the "bad guys."

Every time WE wanted to insert our beauty and intention into this world, the opposing "force" was right there behind us, mucking it up and kicking in our beautiful "sand castle." You might have already heard about the story of the "Little Prince?" Well, the little prince didn't get around to mentioning the reason he was so unhappy, so I , Yahweh will tell you why this was so. The Little Prince, written by a French author, was put on a planet which didn't have room for all of his dreams (at least in the original printing of this fable). You see, the prince was a child who knew that there was more to life than meets-the-eye. There were forces at play which were always working against his wishes for goodness and beauty. Therein lies our story. We are this little guy, knowing in our heart of hearts that there is certainly something not right in the world that we must try so hard to get our dreams realized.

The smallest of children, from about 6 or 7 on, understand this basic tug-of-war. First they must learn how to walk and talk, then they must learn how to run and navigate gravity. When they're a bit older they must then learn how to get along with others and stake their claim in the world, often having to compete with siblings and such. If they're lucky, they have good and loving parents who won't either ignore them or the opposite, smother them with love and, thereby crippling them later in life . Parenting is a tricky thing.

Later, when their schooling is finished, they have to make a go of it in the world. They have to know how to "sell" themselves and earn a living, hop on the hamster wheel with the rest of their playmates and so on and so forth. That's just the way life IS. The odds are usually, truth be told, stacked against the brightest and strongest of "grown" children. It is a story told over and over again, with very little option for "opting" out. There are no free tickets in life. It's supposed to be hard, isn't it?

NO IT IS NOT!! Stay tuned and I will tell you why. Read on... God Bless YOU. This is Yahweh

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