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Updated: Feb 28, 2021

What's in a name, peeps. What is in a name. What does it mean, since you're asking. It has to do with integrity my fine people. i n t e g r i t y ! ! ! Why, EVERYTHING!! should be in a NAME!!! When someone is not familiar with your product, fo exampo, then what do they have to GO by??? customer reviews on on the internet??? Do you know that your peer "reviews" are usually rigged? Did you ever think this might be the case?? Well, since I'm usually in the know of these things cuz frankly its in my job title, I will tell you this much. There's no place like home for the holidays AND the reviews you read are usually 100 % Bullo Shitto!! You heard it from the horse's mouth, yo. And you might ask, in response (if you're a bit still green behind the ears of life), why dear God in Himmel, would people do such a thing. WHY??? motivation being?????

I hear ya I hear ya said 2x for emphasis please.... I know it serves no one to lie about a product. Why would anyone want to slander a mere floral pillowcase? I mean what's in it for "them" I just want a good, reliable pillowcase to decorate my lovely couch !!!! CHRISSAKE!!!

AND the ANSWER IS: You guessed it, guys! No good answer. Yet is IS, in fact TRUE ... ... ... and maybe the right question could be "WHO" is lying?? WHO are YOU who who who who.... tell me who are YOU (music please, you know what I mean). I think we have some serious backtracking to do here before I answer this question to your satisfaction, my peeps. You see, it all began a mere 10 trillion years ago, shortly before the launching of ...

It was a cold and stormy night. Spring was in the air and I ..... GET MY DRIFT???? And I do meant "drift" as in a bad odor drifts through the air....

This "bad odor" has permeated your world in every oraface and every nook and cranny there is to be had. I am just tellin it like it IS good citizen! I am not amused myself. I am amusing yet at the same time not "a mused." Get my drift? IF you only GET one THinG out of our dissertations here GET THIS. THERE IS SOMEONE MESSIN WITchA.... okay? Not my fault bro... ... not MY FAULT... ... I am just a guy tryin to do his job here. Just like you might have a job working in customer service and you have to deal with complaints day in and day out...... you hear me? you feel me? Got it yet?

Before I sign out... ... you want to know...."wait, Batman, who ARE these people givin bad fake reviews to the garden rake I'm lookin to buy online??? I mean, it's just a dumb frickin garden rake for godssake!!!:-/ So, before I go I will say the story of Goldilocks..... it might have to do with the f'in BEARS! THE BEARS might just be to blame . Someone out there is having YOU for a snack by good yummy delicious morsels of flesh (that's you guys.... suckers!!!)

MORE on the LATER, PEEPle. Find the continuation of this discussion on another post. Gotta go for now. YASHUA OUT!!! READ ON!

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