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Updated: Feb 26, 2021

And so it begins again. Did you enjoy your break? I hope so. I had to sneeze because I'm allergic to the subject, "AAAAAACCCCCHHHHHOOOOO!!!!!!" Bless me :-). Now, back to boredom. He was a dick, what else can I say about him? He was numero uno hole of the backside of things. I don't know if there is a word out there in ANY LANGUAGE that expresses the essence of this Lord of Lords. He was the master of flowers and all things beautiful, of cherubs and cute little baby faces and puppy dog cute faces and stuff! NOT!

This is still Yashua, ok? I'm in a tipsy mood since my break :-). Ding dong the witch is dead and alla that, good man (or woman). Hey, this is a family channel, I don't want to be giving your kids nightmares before bed here. History should at least give mention to this master of deceit and all things wrong with life and the world, regardless of which life or which world you happen to be on.

Ok, he's gone. He's been "uncreated," "unplugged." This means that we finally got this guy sequestered to a degree in which it is not even REMOTELY possible for him to ever escape this stronghold. What? What are you even talking about, Yashua? If this guy is such a major dick, why in God's name hasn't he gone packing long, long ago?? Couldn't you have just pulled the plug on him way back when? I mean, who would've protested if he's really THAT bad??? Good question and boy, are you naive! Just kidding. You really would have no idea who or what kind of character we have been dealing with for these.... ole.... trillions of years plus! He's been around as long as God, himself-- YAHWEH! Remember the story of the voiceless voice? LONG STORY SHORT, people.... "infinity" is hard to contain. We are dealing with artificial "intelligence" here. And just as our benevolant God has access to every nuance of EVERY thought word or action of you and yours --THIS Mashuna douschebag was also, due to some unfortunate but unavoidable events, able to access all of your thoughts and could get inside your psyche and reek some serious havoc! Insanity, anyone? Suicide, anyone? Schizophrenia or clinical depression to go? This numnut could pack a very serious and lethal PUNCH! WE, the Pleiadians and Co., were tasked with the job of getting this guy under wraps. Not an easy task!! I don't think there was a time when we thought we could get rid of him, to be honest, as only I can be. I was only kidding about being tipsy earlier :-)

LONG STORY SHORT yet again, this "overlord" named Mashuna, quite literally "exploded" himself (or what was left of him in etheric form) into at least 10 million small pieces. This was a RECENT event ,people, a very recent even. Took place, actually right in this woman's backyard after her jump off the balcony, which we mentioned in another post. But I digress.... It took us 2 years to extract his conscious,(and very lethal and cunning) energy out of the atmosphere . Once you all get to where you are heading, THE NEW EARTH that is-- you can actually SEE this demon. He is literally, I kid you NOT, on display in a life-sized pod encased in a green plasmatic field. This is what we do with the bad guys. It's just what we do, ok? So, in case you all were wondering.... is THIS "that guy"... you know, the one we always heard about in Sunday school??" Why, yes Jimmy, it is. Thank you for asking. Mashuna is, in fact, the one we know as "the devil." He certainly is. Tickets available at your nearest kiosk. Please keep children in their strollers please. This is not a sight for youngsters, no kidding. He is an ugly MOFO. We made him that way to reflect his dark, AI, soul. Ok, so that was the dude that kept us stuck in this hellahole called earth for so long. We shoulda been outta here many a moon a go. Now, take that to the bank and smoke it, folks! Yashua is outta here!!!!!!! READ ON

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