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Lor of the Rings Pt. 2

Ok now, we are continuing my story that I promised you in the previous post. This is Lor speaking. I am the one you know as "Eve." Eve is a blasphemy (get used to it, because there are many). Eve is a Pleiadian word for a bad word. It's like saying in the English language, "Fu#!k!" We literally had to alter OUR language (get used to it!) to bring a little semblance of respect back to my identity. Nothing originally ever comes from the Interlopers, only copycatting, deceit, and disrespect. They love to poke fun at anything Pleiadian and that means names, words, and people themselves. Adolf Hitler, for instance, pretty much put the k'bash on the name "Adolf" since his associative behaviors put a negative connotation to that name. And so it is with "Adam." There never was a man, first born man, called by this name. You guessed it, "adam" means yet another curse word in the Pleiadian language. Even his real given name, which I will not mention just yet, has been stolen right out from under him, and out from under his people too. But I digress. This is my story. The other, my dyad, will be here to tell his story, as he is one of the 5 council members assigned to this teaching mission. We will call him John for now, as that is a derivative of his original name.

I was put on my planet with a couple of caretakers, basically Archangels, who were assigned, not unlike foster parents, to raise me and keep me from harm. I lived in a typical neighborhood in the country, a place that by today's standards, would be a little backwards. Not because we were "uncultured or unsophisticated" but because but because we had no "modern" amenities. We lived off the land, had goats and sheep, even "cows" for milk. I put cows in quotes because even "they" have been blasphemed and altered into something completely different from the original design. On Antibula we, a group of small children (50 or so), were kidnapped/stolen from our homes one by one. We were taken onto very large ships and made to confess anything that resembled truth, their version of the "truth." In fact, we were tortured mentally, emotionally, and physically. We were made to stand in front of firing squads and "confess" whatever they told us to confess. These (false) confessions were recorded for documentation purposes, and thus, began the downward spiral of Lor and her best friend and neighbor, her partner in life, "John." THAT is the story of the fall of ADAM and EVE. I wish I had a better story to tell you, but I won't waste your time, as the people who would tell you differently have for the past eons of time. Lor and her counterpart were made to "hate" one another because the men who stole us from our homes (we were no older than 5 or so), pit us against one another. They would make us hurt each other or we, ourselves, would be raped and/or murdered. Everyone in my hometown was taken. The name of this town, this village in the hills, was called "Boller."

I have so much more to say, but for now, suffice it to say that I will be back with pt. 3. It's a long, very violent story and certainly not appropriate for anyone under the age of 18. I mean this seriously. These messages are being handpicked and so are its readers. Yahweh is taking each of you by the hand and leading you to the posts here that are appropriate and fitting for you in a myriad of ways. Thank you for listening and I will be back with my counterpart in the coming posts. Lor signing out....

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