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Like it or Not pt. 2

Yes, where were we.... a subject I just love to talk about. NOT. The subject of SEQUESTRATION!! C'mon everyone, say it again. Clap your hands! We just lOvE to talk about it! The "s" word. The one writing this can tell you a thing or two herself about the old "s" word... none of it good :-(

Some of us on the ground crew here on Earth (this one included), have been quite literally stuck in their homes for years. Oh, they get out once in a while to do the shopping for the fam, or they get treated to the drive-thru at Mickey D's, but other than that their lives are riddled with "can't go there" and "wouldn't do that." Maybe you can relate, maybe not. It doesn't make a diff. The one writing these words through me (Yashua), was sequestered in her house in her basement on a mattress in a "storage room" for over one MONTH! Unable to leave the room, or the bed itself, for that matter. The only time she was "allowed" at all to get off from the mattress was to relieve herself once a day, maybe twice-- and only eat once a day, maybe twice if she was fortunate enough. She wasn't able to play on her phone or even turn the light on. She literally could not move. Her family thought she was being a reclusive paranoid schizophrenic. The health department and mental health officials, even a judge assigned by the local mental health clinic-- they all gave her a visit due to this very strange behavior. Her version of things? She was being "told" by her upstairs team (that's YAHWEH, that's ME YASHUA, that's JOPHIEL her upper self, etc). We told her she needed to stay put for her own safety because there was some "untoward" business going on in the etheric realms and her life was majorly at risk. No news to her. She was used to hearing that she was continually in danger, used to being stuck at home anyway. So, long story short, she trusted what she was hearing from "her" team. And by the way, it's not like she ever had a choice anyway. She was literally and physically not able to move about like she wanted. "We had to make a command decision to sequester her for her own good while the other team was hunkering down on her and her physical form to do her great harm." That's the gist of the situation. It wasn't up to her to question our decisions. It just simply had to be this way ("I'm very sorry. We're working on it, I promise you"). Do you get my drift, people? This kind of odd behavior is not looked upon the same way these "chosen" ones look at it. To her and others like her whom have been in this scenario understand exactly what this is like. Not to be "afraid" to move , but instead, not being physically ABLE to move. Try explaining THAT to the judge who is assessing your sanity. Germany, where this woman lives, is very much a POLICE STATE in this sense. Freedom fries are not served so readily here. If that judge who visited her home during her sequestration had decided that she was unfit for freedom, he had the authority to put her away for a month, at least.

YOU WANT THE TRUTH, PEOPLE (MR. JUDGE INCLUDED).... YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH ( said with a Jack Nicholson voice). Life in this world is not all smoke and mirrors, people! It is REAL. You just have it backwards, that's all.

Ok, this is going too long, and I never got around to explaining the sequestration issues of YOU as a PLANETARY entity. The earth, but also her passengers. That'll be next. Please stay tuned, promise?? This is YASHUA, once again, SIGNING OUTTA HERE! please read on

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