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Just checkin' lady....Are you still with me??? Hellooooo!!!????

Ok. So you've made it this far my good Lass. Remember I am not responsible for grammer mis-takes. It stems my flow young frau. that's german cuz that's where I be right now. Hangin out with my little lady. You will find no socks on the floors of this house.... only shoes strewn about to be tripped over if your not careful enough. Just ignore it. I mean it. It's your problem if you let these small insignificant things bother you anyway. full stop.... NOT missy!!

Do I sound like a good friend so far? Are we still in for that beer later?

Ok, not too much argument outta me here. I totally hear ya. I "get" you!!! You don't have to nag, woman!! You types ALLWays NAG! ALL WAYS-- did you get that!! Now, what else is bothering you today. Poopy diapers? Your whiskey ain't strong enuf?? Well, maybe that's because your not DRINKING early enuf in the day miss poopy diapers! Maybe you should learn how to manage your time better. ever think of that? do you know why your life sucks? I'll tell ya here since no one else out there hears ya cuz you don't have any friends any more since you've dropped off the planet since the tots were born. and speakin of the little ones... did you know that pushing a bowling ball which is at least 9 times larger than the ball itself through a "hole" excuse my casual language here is not ok with me.. just want you to know I'm hearin you on this one too. Not okay at all my fair and overtaxed ladies!!! You have been sold a raw bill here. This bill became "law" by men! not the ones doin the work. Not the ones doin the work of 3 or 4 of their own species. They made this law, you see. I am serious now just for a sec! so listen. I KID YOU KNOT!!! YOU DO KNOW THAT IT AINT RIGHT DON'T YOU??? SQUEEZING A BOWLING BALL OUT OF A TUBE OF TOOTHPASTE GOES AGAINST SIMPLE LAWS OF PHYSICS MY GOOD PEEPS!

I, GOD HIMSELF, WILL TELL YOU WHAT NO DOC FEARS TO TELL YOU. THEY LITERALLY ARE AFRAID TO TELL YOU BECAUSE THEY WILL BE LAUGHED AT BY THEIR BROTHERS QUOTE UNQUOTE ON THE BROTHER PART. THEIR PEERS IN THE LEGAL SOCIETY OF THINGS. MEDICINE HAS VERY MUCH TO DO WITH PROTOCOLS .... RULES... GO-TO PRECEPTS! THE SO-CALLED GUIDELINES DICTATE HOW MEDICAL PROCEDURES .... YES, EVEN SOMETHING SO BEAUTIFUL AND NATURAL AS CHILDBIRTHING A TINY MONSTER OF SORTS... HAS ITS RIDIK NO COMMON SENSE HERE SPOILER ALERT SORRY YOU HAD TO SUFFER OR EVEN DIE DURING THIS NATURAL PROCEDURE. WHOOPS!! Let me assure you here, "we did all that we could t save said baby and/or mother in this case--said with stern stern-ness and dauer expression please don't get me wrong I ain't pointin fingers here only one okay maybe more than one. One is the loneliest number and stupid rules love company, so..... good ladies i have to ask you now... should i go on? well then.... you'll have to find me. i like to play hide and seek sometimes. If you want i'll tell ya where to go from her. C"MON LET"S DO THIS THANG!!!! YAHUA OUTTA HERE 4 NOW READ ON, my fair and mistreated ladies!

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