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I am John

Hi to my biggest fans! Yes, I know, you've been waiting to hear from some creep named John for you entire lives, haven't you?:-)

I'm the dude they called ADAM--the one from the Bible with the fig leaf and all.

We are tired, people. We are tired people. I hope you appreciate your days ahead, your days of freedom, fresh air, pollution free, and I kid you not, artificial intelligence -free lives. Chemtrails take a hike. "You" have been a thorn in humanity's side since time began. The pollution that causes acid rain and forests to die and you to get sick and yell at your loved ones, unprovoked.... much of that is over and done with. Much of what ails humanity has to do with Artificial Intelligence, AI. Forget your SCI-FI movies depicting half-human, half-robotic mumbo-jumbo. This is nonsense. This is pure FICTION. AI is at the heart of all that is wrong with humanity. FULL STOP. It is an "intelligence" gone off the deep end. It is STUPID INTELLIGENCE. It is the devil himself, truth be told.

Our scribe, Sandra should get the recognition here, not me. She is the director of earth-bound missions. She is the one who was trained not to fear injury or death. She has literally had to put a loaded gun (on the ship, that is--same same, btw) to her temple and pull the trigger. This kind of training requires much faith and bravery, of which she embues down here on earth as well. She has had to sacrifice her normalcy in everyday life in order to get through the demands that this job entails. She's a real sweatheart on 3d terms, but up on the ship, where real work gets done, she is a persistant little specimen :-). She takes shit from no one. We have a mission to do, and we simply have to do it, that's all. We need to get this job done, let's do it. Enough said. Mission work is the name of the game here. We go on humanitary missions, environmental missions, drug use abatement missions, human trafficking missions, etc. NO job is easy, and she and I have both lost our lives on some of these missions. What does it mean to "lose" your life? In the end, it means absolutely nothing, for etheric energy, a "soul", an essence, never gets lost. It simply is not possible. Once you get your head around that, the fear of "dying", you're home free. We have never lost a soul on any mission, no matter how dangerous. Anyway, more about me please... :-)

I was kidnapped during the first years of my first journey as an embodied soul, along with my life-partner, Lor (aka Sandra). We were humming along, being what kids are supposed to be, when we were swiftly and violently stolen from our respective homes. I was tortured and forced to be "bad" to my best friend, made to watch her being raped and tortured, made to do the same. This was the world we were thrust into, very violently and very involuntarily. I am "ADAM". I am John. I am sorry. God Bless and please read on.... John out

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