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Dolphins and more

Ok now, the topic you've all been waiting for. What is in a Dolphin. Are they really the starseeds some of you newagers like to think? What even IS a starseed? Let me answer that for you: A starseed is a nonsense word. It makes no logical sense to me, who is, in fact, a scientist of immense proportions. It is a "go-to" term-- star seed. It means what exactly mr. or mrs. "new ager?" And yes, thank you for asking, I DO have a bit of an "axe to grind with so-called "new age folk". Sounds good, your terminology, of which "indigo children" is another of your wise catch-words. Catching what I should ask. Catching losers? Catching smoozers? Catching stars and put 'em in you pocket-ERs?"

Nuf said on that front. The so-called "New Age" movement has been a stain on OUR reputation (the REAL lightworkers, that is) for a very long time..... I digress :-|

Whatever, people... "whatever"

Ok, now to you common sense thinkers.... I love you the most :-). What's wrong with saying that??? I love common sense. I gave you the thingy in the first place, you nerds. I never invented "woowoo" thinking. That's for you birds. The Dodo ones. I am NOT racist. I just call a spade a spade when I see it. I KNOW who created this New Age "movement" you guys. It doesn't matter who (and it IS, in fact a "who"). That's why I am calling him out now. He is living in California and is 92 years old, in fact. Sometimes, people, movements are created as a "fuck you" of sorts by real people as a "task" just to "see" how it will "take off". FULL STOP!!! Movements movements, see how they move. You could write a song about it. Use your imagination, you turds. 'Nuf said, losers!

I'm sorry, did I say I would address some sort of "dolphin" issue? I am a little ADD. Anyone who has dictated my dictates knows how I do love to get off the original subject :-). Yes, thank you for asking. This is Yashua, and I do have a signature appeal. It's brevity, my good folk... brevity. In fact, if brevity weren't part of my makeup (just a little off the top, please) I would be like, oh..... my..... god..... so boring!!! So yes, I am a bit light in my lofers, but I ain't no fag! TM

The dolphins are still waiting, people. The dolphins......

Prost, my good people.... Prost! Cheers in English, and whatever that means in whatever other language. For now I am German, Leute! That means people, for you Brits and Amis. Next time my scribe wants to imbibe, think again, good scribe, think again. Hats off. You've had yet another shitty day.. go to bed. Good night. READ ON, people, read on. Yashua OUT. AUS, I mean.

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